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BLADE PVC CUTTER REPLACEMENT  ProSource PMB-507 PVC Cable Saws General Tools 858 Pipe Cutters
PVC Pipe cutter replacement blade. Ratcheting tooth design. 1 blade/Pack. The cable saw is made of premium quality stainless steel. It's ideal for tight spots, for cutting PVC pipe, and cutting plastic pipe in tight areas. General Tools #858 PVC pipe cable saw is ideal for cutting PVC pipe in a confined area. The cable saw is great for pipes that are against walls, between rafters or anywhere else where a normal cutter will not fit. This durable saw is a stainless steel 24 in serrated cutting cable that easily slices through pipe up to 8 in Dia. It can cut pipes of a wide variety of sizes and doesn't require any special adjustment to do so. The PVC cutters are used for cutting PVC, PE and ABS pipe. The hose and tubing cutter also cuts flexible rubber, PVC, ABS and polyethylene tubing. Its ergonomically designed handle allows for comfort and control.
BLADE PVC CUTTR RPLCMT 1-5/8IN Apollo Valves 69PTKC001 Tube Cutter SAW CABLE
PVC Pipe cutter replacement blade. Ratcheting tooth design. 1 blade/Pack. Spring handle. cuts plastic and PEX tubing 1/8 to 2 in. 25 in cable saw with plastic handles wraps around pipes to cut hard to reach areas. Plastic handles provide comfortable grip. Cuts PVC and ABS.
Comfortable plastic hand grips and a 27 in rustproof stainless steel cable designed to cut through almost any plastic pipe. For in-ground or other tight spaces 1/4 in clearance is all you need. Will cut 1-1/4 to 10 in nominal PVC schedule 40 pipe. Features a 3 in shaft and hardened steel blade with a 1-1/4 in Dia. Used to cut drain stubs to floor lever or repair broken pipes. Includes a quick disconnect feature for use with standard 3/8 in drill. PVC Pipe cutter replacement blade. Ratcheting tooth design. 1 blade/Pack.
Make a clean cut with PEX and PERT pipe cutters for 1/8 to 1 in pipe. Lightweight, durable and easy to use. Compact design for working in tight spaces. Radial style cuts 1/2 to 1 in PEX and PERT pipe. Push the pipe into the cutting chamber and rotate the cutter in the direction of the arrow on the tool. Squeeze the handles to release the pipe after cutting. Scissor style cuts 1/8 to 1 in PEX and PERT pipe. Push the pipe into the cutting chamber and squeeze the handles to release the pipe after cutting. Replacement blade for ratcheting PVC cutter. High carbon steel. Replacement blade for ratcheting PVC cutter. High carbon steel.
Orbit 26085 PVC Pipe Cutter BLADE PIPE/HOSE CUT REPLCMT   Flair-It 01150 Plastic Tubing Cutter
Ratcheting jaws and a sharp steel blade allow you to cut pipe faster, cleaner and with less effort. Made of heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction it can easily cut through any pipe up to 1 in Dia leaving no burrs. The comfort grip rubber coated handles help prevent your hands from slipping while cutting. Replacement blade for PP840-37 pipe and hose cutter. Contains one blade and blade removal pin. Made of high-quality stainless steel. one of the largest and most diversified lines of PEX tools that includes both domestic and import, stainless steel clamp (SSC) and copper ring, one-handed, compact, long-handle and composite handle crimp tools, pipe cutters and ring/clamp removal tools.
Sharkbite U701A Tube Cutter Lenox 20982HSB12 PVC Hand Saw Harvey's 093055 Plastic Pipe/Hose Cutter
For use with SharkBite Barb 3/8 in, 1/2 in, 3/4 in and 1 in PEX tubing. Wide, rigid carbon steel blade with precision milled teeth. Spring tempered blade back resists flexing. Attaches to handle with single screw. For use with #20985-HSF-120 and #20980-HSF-18. 10 pts/in. Cuts PVC class pipe through 1-1/4 in ID. and rubber tubing through 2 in ID. Tough, durable, glass-filled nylon handles. Replaceable hardened stainless steel blade that retracts into handle.
ProSource T002-3L PVC Pipe Cutters Superior Tool 37100 CUTTER PIPE/HOSE
The ProSource PVC pipe cutter has an aluminum body and SK5 cutting blade. Superior Tool Pipe Cutter, Maximum Pipe/Tube Diameter: 1-5/8 in, Minimum Pipe/Tube Diameter: 1 in, Pipe/Tube Material: ABS/CPVC/Nylon/PE/PEX/PVC, Cutting Type: Ratchet, Stainless Steel Blade, Epoxy Powder-Coated Blade, Cushion Grip Handle, Cast Aluminum Handle, Handle Color: Red Pipe and hose cutter. Quickly cuts through rubber hose up to 2 in thick and PVC pipe up to 1-1/4 in Dia. Stainless steel blade is easily removed. Textured nylon handles provide better grip. Curved jaw holds pipe or tube in place for cleaner cuts. For cutting rubber hose up to 2 in thick and PVC up to 1-1/4 in Dia. Folding blade locks into handle to carry safely. Blade is removable and replaceable with PP840-37BD blade.
Superior Tool 37513 Replacement PVC Saw ProSource RP-053L PVC Cutter Wheel Replacement Blade Lenox 20980HSF18 Hand Saw
Cuts PVC, CPVC, ABS, fiber pipe, wood, drywall and more. Unbreakable aluminum die-cast handle and flame hardened blade. The ProSource tube cutter wheel is the replacement cutter blade for Sku #538-3500. Wide, rigid carbon steel blade with precision milled teeth. Cuts through any diameter plastic pipe, wood and nail-embedded wood. Cuts on push and pull strokes. Blade resists flexing, attaches to handle with single screw. Lightweight aluminum handle with large opening hand grip for max finger clearance and enough room for gloves. 10 TPI.
Flair-It 01175 Pipe Cutter CUTTER PVC PIPE               Lenox S1 Manual Tubing Cutter
Flair-It Pipe Cutter, Maximum Pipe/Tube Diameter: 3/4 in Compact PVC cutter slices through PVC pipe up to 1-1/4 in Dia. Blade is easy to remove and replace (PP840-32BD). Safety latch locks tool in closed position when not in use. Serrated stainless steel blade requires less force to make a cut, leaving a flush end. Rubberized handles allow for confident cutting even in wet or dirty environments. Cuts up to 1 in nominal.
CUTTER PVC 2IN RATCHETNG 1HAND Vulcan PE-42-S-B3L PVC Cutter Blade for 896-6102 Plumb Pak PP840-2 Tube Cutter
Cuts 2 in nom pipe size or 2-1/2 in OD. One-handed operation, frees up the other hand to hold the work. Aluminum cast handles with cushion grip for comfort. Durable powder coat finish for easy clean up. Hardened stainless steel blade design with pointed edge to pierce the pipe for smooth effortless cut. The ProSource heavy duty cutter blade is a replacement blade. It has a heavy-duty heat-treated steel blade and it fits Sku #682-3223 ratcheting PVC pipe cutter. Heat treated cutting blade, will cut PVC pipe, water hoses and pipes, 42 mm OD cutting capacity, ratcheting action, locking latch.
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