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If you're a traditionalist as heart use this classic glass tube candy thermometer to help monitor temperatures for the perfect consistency. Thermometer is sold with an adjustable pan clip that fits any pan and a storage sleeve to protect the thermometer during storage. Important temperatures for candy making and deep fry temperatures are printed right on thermometer sleeve. Keeping track of temperatures inside refrigerators and freezers can help ensure safer food storage. This tube thermometer will monitor appliances for proper functioning and show when temperatures fluctuate outside of safe storage zones. Attach securely with the clips or included suction cups. Also great for wine fridges and deep freezers.
This TAYLOR candy/deep fry thermometer is accurate and dependable. The dial face is easy to read and has colored zones indicating the desired temperature ranges for confection and deep frying, as well as noting candy thread, soft ball, firm ball, hard ball, soft crack and hard crack points. An adjustable clip allows the thermometer to be attached to the side of a pan. This thermometer is the perfect solution for accurately and easily identifying the true temperature inside of your oven. With a simple yet versatile design, it can hang or stand within your oven, depending on your preference and unit. It also features a large dial face with bold numbers that make it easy to read at a glance. This 2-1/2 in dial thermometer will monitor appliances for proper functioning and show when temperatures fluctuate outside of safe storage zones. Place the thermometer on the shelf, in a drawer or attach securely with the clips.
This traditional 1 in instant read thermometer is a home Chef's best kitchen companion to check temperatures periodically throughout the cooking process. The thermometer precisely and accurately tracks temperatures from 0 to 220 deg F and is easily-to-read with the magnified lens. The included pocket sleeve can also be used as a handle extension to keep hands away from the heat. Keep track of temperatures inside refrigerators and freezers to help ensure safer food storage. This 3 in dial thermometer will monitor appliances for proper functioning and show when temperatures fluctuate outside of safe storage zones.
THERMOMETER DIAL OVEN         Taylor Precision 5939N Meat Thermometers Taylor Precision 5911N Classic Thermometer
Ensure that you're cooking accurately and efficiently with TAYLOR?'s 5932 oven thermometer. Its extra large 3 in dial contains an intuitive color scheme that is easy to see during use and determine if your oven is heating to the set temperature. Our thermometer performs flawlessly between the ranges of 100 to 600 deg F. Slow and steady temperature monitoring for the best, juiciest results. This leave-in meat thermometer with glass lens is safe to be left in the oven or grill during use. With it's easy-to-read 3 in dial and printed roasting temperature guide (USDA standards) this thermometer will help with perfectly cooked meals every time. TAYLOR?'s history of highly accurate temperature readings won't let you down. This thermometer has a scale from 120 to 200 deg F. Use this 3 in dial candy thermometer to help monitor temperatures for the perfect consistency of all your sweet and savory treats. Thermometer is sold with an adjustable pan clip and a temp indicator that slides to highlight the target temperature. An extra-long 6 in stem reaches the bottoms of deep pots. Important temperatures zones for candy making are printed right on the dial face.
General Tools 321 Pocket Analog Thermometer With Magnifying Lens THERMOMETER FREEZE DIG OSH BLK THERMOMETER MEAT DIGITAL
Multi-purpose use from HVAC to laboratory, photography, automobile, household situations and food preparation. The analog dial generates accurate temperature readings from 0 to 220 deg F. The stainless steel probe is housed in a protective sheath and features a pocket clip for convenient portability. The TAYLOR? Digital instant read pocket thermometer provides superior results to professional and amateur chefs alike. This compact pocket thermometer measures temperatures from 58 to 302 deg F. A 0.4 in LCD display is easy-to-read and updates every second. Additional features include a Fahrenheit/Celsius switch and an On/Off switch to preserve battery life. A plastic storage case with pocket clip provides safety and portability.
THERMOMETER CANDY/DEEP FRY    THERMOMETER DIG PEN WTRPRF GRY Taylor Precision 5921N Classic Series Thermometers
A classic paddle design is perfect for making candy or tracking oil temperatures for deep frying. Includes an adjustable pan clip that securely affixes the thermometer to almost all pan types. An oversized stay cool handle provided easy removal from the pan after use. Large, bold numbers are easy to read. Key temperatures ranges are printed directly on the stainless to help monitor the cooking temperatures. Commercial quality and accuracy is no exception with this heavy-duty stainless steel oven guide thermometer. The stain-resistant stainless casing is printed with both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature ranges and optimal zones for slow, moderate, hot and very hot oven environments.
Scared of overcooking the meat Use this programmable digital wired probe thermometer to set the ideal temperature and wait for the audible alert to signal the desired temperature is reached. The stainless probe is left in the meat during cooking and the wire snakes out of the oven door or grill lid to the countertop base station. Displays temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The thermometer sits on the counter while the cord winds through the oven door and the temperature can be read without opening the oven door, very convenient. This digital cooking thermometer with timer and probe is a great tool for your kitchen. The thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit (32 to 392 deg F) and Celsius (0 to 200 deg C) and conveniently monitors exact temperature of meat, poultry or any food without opening the oven door. The thermometer comes with a durable 6 in, stainless steel probe and a 4 ft silicone cord. The cord is safe up to 485 deg F/250 deg C. When your food hits your preset time or desired internal temperature, an alarm signal occurs to ensure perfect results. You can display the thermometer 2 ways, stand up display for countertop use or there is a magnet on the back to hold on to an oven door.