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TIMER DIGITAL WHITE 2-1/2IN   Taylor Precision 5806 Timers TIMER DIGITAL MINI
Chef Craft 2-1/2 in timer is a 1 sec to 99 mins countdown timer with a magnet on the back to attach to your refrigerator, it also has a clip to clip to your belt. If you cook, bake or grill, this is the ideal timer for you. The multi-purpose digital timer is versatile and easy to use. This lightweight timer can count up (stopwatch function) or count down. A 0.7 in LCD readout provides a clear display that can be read from a distance. The timer is capable of programming up to 99 min. Featuring a large readout in a compact size, the mini timer is slim yet versatile. The 0.7 in LCD takes up the majority of the surface, with flush buttons. The timer counts down and also counts up like a stopwatch. Attach to any magnet-friendly surface with the strong magnet. Operates on one LR1130 mercury-free battery, included.
TIMER 60MIN                   Taylor Precision 5831N Timers TIMER LONG-RING WHT 60MIN
The mechanical timer features a compact size with clear numbers for optimal viewing. Simple and quick to use, set up to 60 mins for many timing applications. A longer ring is clear and loud enough to hear across the room. Simple and easy to use, the large number timer features up to 60 min of timer programming. The long ring will help to ensure that the alarm is heard. Large numbers are clear and easy to view. Highly accurate timing. One-minute to one-hour time settings. Easy to read and operate. Measures 3-1/2 in/9cm.