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Stokes Select 38048 Sock Finch Bird Feeder FEEDER BIRD WIRE NUGGET 24OZ  SEED BIRD NYJER SOCK 12OZ
Stokes Select Sock Finch Bird Feeder, 1 lb Food, Plastic, White, Hanging Mounting, Includes: (2) Socks This feeder makes nugget feeding easy. Designed specifically for wild bird Nuggets, peanuts or sunflower seeds. Perches included. Holds 16 to 24 oz of bird food. No assembly required. 3 in L x 3 in W x 11.25 in H. Premier seed for attracting a variety of finches. Filled and ready to hang, no feeder required.
Perky Pet Birdscapes FEEDER MEALWORM TUBE          Stokes Select 38223 Tube Seed Feeder
With its unique upside-down perch system, the Perky-Pet? Upside Down? thistle feeder is designed specifically to cater to the goldfinches in your yard. The 2 lb seed capacity ensures your goldfinch visitors will have plenty to eat. In addition, the feeder is made of durable plastic so it will stand up to the outdoor elements. Easily hang it anywhere around your yard using the convenient built-in hanging hook. You'll soon be able to see why these beautiful little birds are so beloved. Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder, Food Capacity: 3.5 oz, Food Type: Dried Mealworm, Plastic, Attracts: Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Includes: Hanging Hook, Perches Portals designed for large mixed seeds such as wild bird mixes, black oil sunflower or hulled sunflower. Holds approx. 1 qt (0.95 lb) of seeds.
Stokes Select 38224 Tube Thistle Feeder BIRDFEEDER TB MTL BLU 8P .75LB Stokes Select 38030 Tube Jumbo Seed Bird Feeder
Portals designed for feeds with small hole size like finch mixes and thistle. 1.1 qt capacity (approx. 1.3 lb). Add some color to your landscape with the Perky-Pet? blue metal tube bird feeder. This lovely feeder is a modern addition to your garden, backyard or patio. Easily fill the Perky-Pet? blue metal tube bird feeder with up to 1 lb of seed, place in a quiet and convenient place and watch as a variety of birds flock to your feeder. The blue metal tube Feeder is easy to fill, has removable parts for easy cleaning and is powder coated for rust resistance. This bird feeder includes a sturdy hanger for secure hanging and a roof to protect the seed from exposure to the weather. This feeder will complement any decor and also makes a great gift. Large seed capacity of 2.5 qt (3.2 lb). Easy to clean and fill. 6 feeding portals for many birds to feed at once. Attracts all varieties of songbirds. Open tube design. Assorted colors.
Stokes Select 38032 Tube Jumbo Finch Feeder Stokes Select 38171 Finch Screen Feeder Stokes Select 38177 Mini Seed Screen Feeder
Large seed capacity of 2.5 qt (3.2 lb). Easy to clean and fill. 6 feeding portals for many birds to feed at once. Attracts all varieties of songbirds. Open tube design. Assorted colors. Feeder holds over 1 qt of thistle or finch mix. Seed diverter helps keep seed fresh and moves seed into feeding area. Attracts all varieties of finch. Feeder holds over 1 qt of black oil sunflower. Seed diverter helps keep seed fresh and moves seed into feeding area. Attracts all varieties of songbirds.
Stokes Select 38178 Wild Bird Feeder BIRDFEEDER 6PORT 26X7IN 1.75LB Perky Pet NO/NO Straight Sided Tube Wild Bird Finch Feeder
Holds 1.2 qt (approx. 1.5 lb) of seed. Durable metal construction. Attracts a wide variety of birds. This Perky-Pet? Squirrel-Be-Gone? cylinder wild bird feeder features weight-activated seed protection and bird-preferred u-shaped perches. When a squirrel climbs on this feeder, its weight triggers ornate metal leaves to slide down and cover each of the six feeding ports to block the squirrel from feeding. The feeder's cage and leaf designs are finished with a rustic red powder coat, which protects the metal from the sun and weather elements. The Squirrel-Be-Gone? cylinder wild bird feeder includes U-shaped perches that allow birds to feed comfortably from multiple angles. Add a pop of color and attract more birds to your yard with the Perky-Pet? straight-sided finch tube wild bird feeder. The eye-catching yellow baffles on this Finch Tube Feeder help retain seed along the entire length of the feeder and help to attract both perching and clinging birds.
BIRDFEEDER TBE GRN SNFLR 1.5LB Stokes Select Little-Bit Feeders Finch Feeder Perky Pet 114 Squirrel Stumper Feeder
Birds of a feather flock together at the Perky-Pet? straight-sided sunflower tube wild bird feeder. Offering a large 1.5 lb seed capacity, this tube feeder is sure to keep your hungry backyard birds in good supply. It's designed to hold and dispense black oil sunflower seed, which continues to be one of the most popular types of seed for a wide variety of wild birds. Thanks to the feeder's Evenseed? technology, sunflower seed is evenly dispensed to all three tiers for easy access no matter where birds are resting. The all-mesh surface area provides plenty of space for birds to cling while they dine and reduce competition. Perching birds can also feel at home at this feeder due to the attached seed tray. You'll be able to attract more species of birds than ever before. Additionally, Perky-Pet? feeders use no plastic or wood components, it's all-metal mesh, because of this, the Straight-sided sunflower tube feeder is sturdy enough to resist squirrels and other small critters that attempt to pilfer seed. The built-in baffle serves as an added defense line against these bandits. Plus, the powder-coated finish prevents rusting in all manner of weather. For your convenience, this tube feeder can be hung or pole mounted to allow for unlimited placement options all around your property. Little bit feeders holds 1/2 quart of seed. Large stainless steel hanging ring. This Squirrel Stumper? wild bird feeder features a squirrel-resistant metal cage that helps prevent squirrel damage, so the feeder lasts longer. The feeder's metal cage also helps deter squirrels from raiding the seed ports, while its twist lock top not only allows for quick, easy filling, but also makes it possible to lock the lid in place, helping to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed through the top.
FEEDER BIRD CLEAR-BLACK 3LB   Coles NN08 Wild Bird Feeders Coles MM06 Wild Bird Feeders
Offering maximum protection against squirrels and maximum comfort for your favorite birds, the Perky-Pet? Squirrel-Be-Gone? max bird feeder with Flexports? is the feeder you've been searching for. To offer defense against squirrels, this feeder offers a Sure-Lock? cap and a weight activated Seed Shield? so squirrels can't gain access to the seed supply. In addition to its squirrel proof features, the Squirrel-Be-Gone? max is also a favorite of birds. It also includes four feeding stations with our patented Flexports?, which offer 5-in-1 benefits for birds and you. With its rustic powder coating, this feeder will make a charming addition in any backyard setting. Provides colorful goldfinches with an exclusive place to eat. For use with Niger seed and Niger mixes with finely chopped sunflower meats only. Designed to limit waste. Feature's a quick-clean removable base for easy cleaning. Specifically designed for clinging birds. Works well with most Cole's seed products. Very versatile. Features a quick-clean removable base for easy cleaning.
Coles TT04 Wild Bird Feeders BIRDFEEDER PRESERVE 3LB       Coles TT06 Wild Bird Feeders
All-purpose versatile feeder. Multiple feeding ports allow several birds to feed at the same time. Natural grip perch covers. Quick-clean removable base. Although squirrels can be smart little animals, they can't outwit this special squirrel-resistant bird feeder with its patented barrier. The Perky-Pet? The Preserve? Feeder features a decorative metal top, feeding ports, perches and holds up to 3 lb of seed. The patented, diamond-shaped barrier allows birds in and keeps squirrels out. The clear, plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. All-purpose versatile feeder. Multiple feeding ports allow several birds to feed at the same time. Natural grip perch covers. Quick-clean removable base.
Perky Pet Birdscapes 385-2 Copper Festival Feeder Stokes Select 38002 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Perky Pet 5141-2 Squirrel Slammer Wild Bird Feeder
This elegant tube feeder features our 2-in-1 port technology, allowing you to attract a larger variety of birds. The Perky-Pet? copper 2-in-1 wild bird feeder features an exclusive design allowing for easy switching from a mixed/sunflower setting to a thistle/finch mix position - the multi-food choice allows for variety in the wild birds stopping by for a meal. The feeder holds 1 lb of seed and has four feeding stations with offset perches that allow you to see more birds at one time. The antique copper finish of this 2-in-1 feeder is sure to be an elegant addition to your yard. The bird-friendly tray will catch seeds and shells, creating less mess and the removable base makes cleaning this feeder easy. The clear, shatterproof plastic reservoir makes it easy to monitor seed levels. Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution. Fill with sunflower or mixed seed. Deters gray squirrels from seed. Only small birds can enter cage to feed. Locking system prevents squirrels from lifting the lid. Holds 1.1 qt (approx. 1.4 lb) of seed. The Perky-Pet? squirrel slammer wild bird feeder features a distinctive weight-activated slammer that closes its feeding ports instantly under a squirrel's weight - ideal for those with heavy squirrel traffic. The feeder also protects against larger birds, if you prefer, with its adjustable weight setting. The feeder is a breeze to fill and clean and is sure to keep birds happy all season long.